Saturday, September 24, 2011

How To REALLY make love to a trans person

There's a poem floating
around out there
Saying how you should
make love to one of us

It's nice, it's lovely,
It makes me want to scream

There's nothing really
all that complicated about me
Just throw me up
against a wall
and touch me all over
especially the places
where I scream
or whimper or cry "MORE"

Those flat little breasts
with their perky little nipples
are aching to be grabbed

Claw my back
burn red into my shoulders
My spine
My ass
With your fingernails

The rest of my body
Even the parts
I'm less comfortable with
Would rather be touched
Than untouchable
I need it
I am a sexual
Being too and
This thing is
Not going to
Fuck itself!

My skin, smelling of girl
(and this morning's shampoo
and body wash)
wants to feel your
cock (or whatever you want me to call it)
anything you have
to make it feel good

It's your touch I crave
not your understanding
It's your breath I want
not theses on how bodies don't matter
This body DOES matter
If we're together
In the same bed
I want you to understand
I need you to understand
I WILL you to understand

There's nothing complicated
Just throw me against the nearest
Hard surface and
Fuck me until I melt


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sex and everything after

What are my best sexual memories?

Lying nestled into my girlfriend, cuddled up after a role-played sexual encounter between two of our player characters

Whimpering, spread out on the bed as she verbally dressed me in lolita, turning me into a soft, submissive maid-girl

being fucked so hard after having my makeup done that it smudged the same makeup

Discovering muffing

What are my favorite positions?

quivering on my elbows and knees waiting to be fucked in the ass

On my back, legs spread, with one hand between my legs and the other squeezing my breast

On my side being slowly and methodically molested by roaming hands

On either my front or my back, waiting with stocking-clad legs spread and very, very vulnerable to be fucked or licked or stroked or whatever is wanted

What am I going to miss from pre-op?

Muffing. Whether vaginal penetration is good enough to compensate for that loss is another story entirely - it’s the fact that muffing is a form of sexuality that trans people alone discovered and it’s something that while anyone born with a penis can perform, it’s part of sex that we discovered.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New posting project: 30 Days of Kink

Starting on April Fool's Day, I will be posting the 30 Days of Kink meme, one post per day, throughout the month of April. Stay tuned and find out more about me than you probably ever wanted to know... ;)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh no! Trans Women's Genitals!

Because not everything about sexuality is frustration and pain. If it was, why would we try to have sex?

I'm going to talk about sex. And yes, this is a highly NSFW post.

A momentary digression about terminology: Many if not most trans women refer to the central part of the whole apparatus of sexual sensation - the part that biomedically is referred to as a penis - as our clitoris. I do this. HOWEVER. For the purpose of this post I will be using the word “penis,” for clarity this refers to a clitoris of the externally-mounted variety.

First, I’m going to issue a plea on behalf of every person with a penis - pre/non-op transsexual women; cissexual men and the relatively rare post-op trans men: It is a sensitive organ. Treat it that way. Treating the penis as a something that penetrates is an example of patriarchy that harms everyone. As far as you need to be concerned, the hypothetical gentle reader who is reading this before she (or he) goes down on a trans woman for the first time, it is an organ that is packed with nerve endings and craves moderate to gentle touch, wetness, and lots of sensation. Actually: craving moderate to gentle touch, wetness, and lots of sensation pretty much describes the whole complex down there, doesn’t it? Dryness and roughness pretty much kill the mood. Contrary to popular belief and The Vagina Monologues, the penis and the clitoris have roughly the same number of nerve endings - those in the latter simply tend to be more concentrated toward the glans. This bullshit about phalluses being implements of rape harms EVERYONE. It harms women; it harms men; it harms everybody in between.

NOT penetrative. Receptive. All sex organs are inherently receptive. We receive sensation through them which our brains (HOPEFULLY!) interpret as pleasure, which makes us want to receive more sensation.

Now, that said. Trans women have very complicated relationships with sex. The way we experience sex is, I believe, utterly unique among the many different kinds of people there are in this world. We have the parts for penetrative sex but by and large prefer receptive sex. We can be penetrated in more ways than the casual observer can be counted on to see.

Ask one of us who is relatively knowledgeable about muffing. It feels really good. Ask me sometime, for that matter. If you want to get technical, muffing will probably feel good for ANY person with a penis, once they get used to it (it hurts a little at first, as all good things do), and might feel good for any person, period. What is muffing, you may ask? Muffing is the act of penetrating the inguinal canals (a pair of internal, diagonally-oriented tubes running in the groin area around the middle of the pelvis). For sexual pleasure. For the sexual pleasure of the person being muffed.

OK, here’s the deal: There are four major nerve clusters running in the groin: The pudendal nerve (P nerve), the ilioinguinal nerve (I nerve), the genitofemoral nerve (G nerve) and the inferior hypogastric plexus (plexus nerve). As you can guess from the name, the I nerve runs through the inguinal canals. But here’s the point: All four of these nerves are hungry; they sense and transmit sexually pleasurable sensations. Playing with any of them is going to feel good - and it just so happens that the easiest way to play with the I, G, and Plexus nerves is to essentially poke a finger into the inguinal canal and stroke them directly. Pretty much anything in that area stimulates the P nerve.

Men, you’ll thank us for this later.

Learning this made me interested in my genitals as installed at the factory for the first time ever. Because my body is awesome that way.

Our bodies demonstrate the true complexity of an XY* body. For those of us who are pre-op, we have very complicated, difficult relationships with the whole complex of tissues and organs between our legs. Even when we’ve been on estrogen & anti-androgens for a while, the bits tend to stick out a bit, making wearing tight clothes problematic. Pressing them too tightly can remind the more genitally dysphoric among us that they’re THERE, leading to feelings of apprehension, emotional hurt, and even in some cases, actually triggered.

And of course, it’s impossible to ignore their presence when we’re having sex; and relatively few cissexual women know what to DO with a trans woman’s genitals because the way we see and experience them has so little to do with the way that cissexual men see and experience them (I’m told).

If you have experience with clitorises, treat a trans woman’s penis as a large clit. Because that is really what it is. The structures are roughly the same, with the exception that between World War I and the 1990s, in the United States, the ‘clitoral hood’ of the penis - the foreskin - was routinely cut off (i.e. circumcised) at or shortly after birth, often without even the parents’ consent. This is utterly unnecessary, by the way.

What is equally unnecessary is stigmatizing cut penises by calling them “mutilated.” It’s unnecessary because there is no loss of function, and more importantly it is also unnecessary because it needlessly, arrogantly trivializes female genital mutilation. It is also a backdoor step to stigmatizing gender confirmation surgery (aka “sex reassignment”).

Few pre/non operative trans women really enjoy penetrative sex with our factory-installed** parts. I’m not going to say “no” pre/non op trans woman, but it is plenty rare. We are women, and we want to experience sex as women, NOT as ersatz-men.

*: On average
**: As an attempt to avoid the stigma associated with the term “biological,” which discriminates against trans women and treats our bodies as unnatural, I frequently use “factory-installed” and “upgraded” to describe the pre- and post-op statuses of trans women’s genitalia.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's talk about frustration.

I don't like my second post on a new blog to be about a negative topic but I find myself drawn back to it, and maybe I need to lance the wound before it festers.

The subject is, run solely by Simon Bar Sinister. Who has a policy of rejecting all mind control stories with transgender-related content. Simon's excuse for doing so is that a majority (he claims) of TG-related mind control stories only use the mind control to reinforce the transformation.

As opposed to the majority of non-TG mind control stories which... only use mind control to reinforce whatever other fetish the author wants to play with.

I don't want to post on Fictionmania, for several reasons: First, Fictionmania is a VERY old and VERY heavily posted archive. Posting on Fictionmania means I'd be lost in the traffic and never receive any feedback at all. Second: Fictionmania focuses specifically on transgender as fetish. I'm not interested in transgender as fetish, I'm interested in mind control. I just want to write transgender characters. Third, Fictionmania is a ghetto. A place where undesirables are forced to gather, where the privileged majority can ignore them at pleasure. Fourth, it's just frustrating that trans people never seem to be allowed to express a sexuality for our own enjoyment, only normative sexualities for the viewing pleasure of others.

If you want to help? Influence Simon to stop this transphobic policy of his. He's not going to change it of his own accord - hating on trannies is socially normative, after all. Hit him where it hurts: Page views and story postings. And let him KNOW that's why you're doing it.

And last: "Start your own archive" isn't an option - yes, why don't I start an archive that has zero readership, zero contribution and zero chance of becoming anything. It's a dismissal that a problem even exists.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Deeper Feels Better

I heard that the most recent time I was in trance and I do tend to agree: Deeper does feel better.

This is my fetish blog - where I talk about delicious things like rubber, rope, floggers, open hands, fingers, mouths (and the application of all of these to my skin), and of course, hypnosis and mind control.

In other words, welcome to the darker, softer, wetter side of my life, and please, enjoy the ride.