Saturday, September 24, 2011

How To REALLY make love to a trans person

There's a poem floating
around out there
Saying how you should
make love to one of us

It's nice, it's lovely,
It makes me want to scream

There's nothing really
all that complicated about me
Just throw me up
against a wall
and touch me all over
especially the places
where I scream
or whimper or cry "MORE"

Those flat little breasts
with their perky little nipples
are aching to be grabbed

Claw my back
burn red into my shoulders
My spine
My ass
With your fingernails

The rest of my body
Even the parts
I'm less comfortable with
Would rather be touched
Than untouchable
I need it
I am a sexual
Being too and
This thing is
Not going to
Fuck itself!

My skin, smelling of girl
(and this morning's shampoo
and body wash)
wants to feel your
cock (or whatever you want me to call it)
anything you have
to make it feel good

It's your touch I crave
not your understanding
It's your breath I want
not theses on how bodies don't matter
This body DOES matter
If we're together
In the same bed
I want you to understand
I need you to understand
I WILL you to understand

There's nothing complicated
Just throw me against the nearest
Hard surface and
Fuck me until I melt