Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's talk about frustration.

I don't like my second post on a new blog to be about a negative topic but I find myself drawn back to it, and maybe I need to lance the wound before it festers.

The subject is, run solely by Simon Bar Sinister. Who has a policy of rejecting all mind control stories with transgender-related content. Simon's excuse for doing so is that a majority (he claims) of TG-related mind control stories only use the mind control to reinforce the transformation.

As opposed to the majority of non-TG mind control stories which... only use mind control to reinforce whatever other fetish the author wants to play with.

I don't want to post on Fictionmania, for several reasons: First, Fictionmania is a VERY old and VERY heavily posted archive. Posting on Fictionmania means I'd be lost in the traffic and never receive any feedback at all. Second: Fictionmania focuses specifically on transgender as fetish. I'm not interested in transgender as fetish, I'm interested in mind control. I just want to write transgender characters. Third, Fictionmania is a ghetto. A place where undesirables are forced to gather, where the privileged majority can ignore them at pleasure. Fourth, it's just frustrating that trans people never seem to be allowed to express a sexuality for our own enjoyment, only normative sexualities for the viewing pleasure of others.

If you want to help? Influence Simon to stop this transphobic policy of his. He's not going to change it of his own accord - hating on trannies is socially normative, after all. Hit him where it hurts: Page views and story postings. And let him KNOW that's why you're doing it.

And last: "Start your own archive" isn't an option - yes, why don't I start an archive that has zero readership, zero contribution and zero chance of becoming anything. It's a dismissal that a problem even exists.

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  1. I totally agree with you about this. Although it's true that the cost threshold for Internet media is vastly lower than that of traditional publishing outlets, it's certainly not an automatic panacea and there is a very annoying line between "big enough to attract attention" and "so big that you get lost". This means that there is a substantial degree of power and privilege involved in being an established site, and when established sites do busted crap. . . yeah, it totally sucks.