Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sex and everything after

What are my best sexual memories?

Lying nestled into my girlfriend, cuddled up after a role-played sexual encounter between two of our player characters

Whimpering, spread out on the bed as she verbally dressed me in lolita, turning me into a soft, submissive maid-girl

being fucked so hard after having my makeup done that it smudged the same makeup

Discovering muffing

What are my favorite positions?

quivering on my elbows and knees waiting to be fucked in the ass

On my back, legs spread, with one hand between my legs and the other squeezing my breast

On my side being slowly and methodically molested by roaming hands

On either my front or my back, waiting with stocking-clad legs spread and very, very vulnerable to be fucked or licked or stroked or whatever is wanted

What am I going to miss from pre-op?

Muffing. Whether vaginal penetration is good enough to compensate for that loss is another story entirely - it’s the fact that muffing is a form of sexuality that trans people alone discovered and it’s something that while anyone born with a penis can perform, it’s part of sex that we discovered.

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